About Us

deepEND is a Toronto based Swimwear and Accessory Online Shop. Founded by Lisa Phillips in 2018, deepEND is pleased to offer sexy, unique, curated swimwear and accessories that are both fashion forward and desirable at an affordable price!

At deepEND, we want each of our #dEBabes to be, and feel confident in not only their skin but also in their deepEND swimsuit! Every deepEND piece is handpicked with one thing in mind, to TURN HEADS. Whether at the pool, at the beach or even an event, you're sure to look and feel like a stunner in your deepEND piece! 
#TakeThePlunge, and join us in the deepEND!

Owner of deepEND 

With a deep love for fashion and swimwear, it was only right for our founder Lisa Phillips to embark on this journey. Known for her own elaborate custom swimwear designs, Lisa wanted to share her love for swimwear with the world. 

Each deepEND style is curated by Lisa for every BODY type, because everybody has a swimsuit BODY! Having spent her fair share of money on swimsuits, Lisa is ecstatic to offer quality fashion forward swimwear trends at an affordable price, because let's be honest, one swimsuit is NEVER enough!